Uzbekistan Airways National Air Company (NAC) was founded on January 28, 1992. Today Uzbekistan Airways is the leading carrier in the Central Asian region. New airport terminal complexes, modern equipment of airports in accordance with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) requirements and professional staff meet the demands of al clients.
Uzbekistan Airways operates scheduled flights to more than forty cities of the world including America, Europe, Middle East, Southeast, Central Asia and the CIS. Uzbekistan Airways continues to establish long-term and reliable business contacts, to increase the number of countries where its aircraft flies to and to improve its services. It makes the company one of the world's dynamic airlines.
Uzbekistan Airways keeps a sound position on the international market and provides high quality competitive services. During the years of operation the company has been awarded the International fund for Aviation Safety Diploma and a Certificate from Airports International Association.
For more information please refer to www.uzairways.com

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