- 40-12 thousand years BC – remains of the first settlement of people in the territory of Samarkand;

- 20th c. BC – Amu Darya River changes its flow from Caspian Sea to Aral Sea;

- Middle of the 6th c. BC – Iran Achaemenian Dynasty rulers established their power in Parthia, Margiana, Bactria, Sogdiana and Khorezm;

- 329th year BC – Alexander the Great started campaign of conquest to Sogdiana;

- 7th c. BC – formation of Zoroastrian religion;

- 312-250th years BC – period of government of Seleucid Dynasty in Central Asia;

- 250th year BC – formation of two independent states from Seleucid Dynasty – Parthia and Greco-Bactria;

- end of the 3rd c. BC – formation of Kangju (Kanguy) and Dayuan (Fergana);

- end of the 2nd c. BC – invasion of yuedji tribes and end of Greco-Bactrian Kingdom;

- 1st c. BC – Kushan Dynasty came to power and Buddhism became state religion;

- 3rd c. – Sassanian invasion to Central Asia;

- middle of the 5th c.– formation of Hephthalite’s Dynasty;

- 563rd year – invasion of Turkic tribes and formation of Turkic Khaganat;

- 651st year – invasion of Arabs into Central Asia and expansion of Islam;

- 821-873rd years – Tahirid’s Dynasty-the first local authority after Arabs came into power in Mouwaurannahr;

- 873-900th years – Saffarid’s Dynasty rise in Khorezm and end of Tahirid’s Dynasty;

- 875-999th years – formation of Samanid’s Dynasty;

- end of the 10th c. – invasion of Karakhanid’s into Shash, Fergana and Sogd; 999th year – devastation of Samanid’s Dynasty and proclamation of Karakhanid’s power;

- 1017th year – conquest of Khorezm by government of Gaznavid’s;

- the first half of 11th c. – formation of Seljuk’s Kingdom; 1044th year-conquest of Khorezm, 1089th year-conquest of Mouwaurannahr;

- 999th year – unification of North and South Khorezm into Government of Khorezmshahs;

- 1221st year – capture of Central Asian territory by Mongols;

- 1370th year – Amir Timur’s coming to power and foundation of Timurid’s Dynasty;

- beginning of the 16th c. – claim of new power in Mouwaurannahr -Sheibanid’s Dynasty;

- end of the 16th c. – foundation of government of Ashtarkhanid’s;

- end of the 18th c. – formation of independent khanates in the territory of Central Asia-Bukhara, Khiva and Kokand Khanates;

- 1847th year – the beginning of conquest of Turkestan by Russian Empire;

- 1867th year – formation of Turkestan general governorship;

- 27th of November, 1917 – proclamation of Turkestan (Kokand) Autonomy;

- 30th April, 1918 – foundation of Turkestan Autonomous Soviet Socialistic Republic;

- 27th October, 1924 – formation of Uzbek Soviet Socialistic Republic;

- 31st August, 1991 – proclamation of independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

- 2nd March, 1992 – admission of Uzbekistan to the membership of UNO;

- 8th December, 1992 – adoption of Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

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